Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well it's begun. The snow started on the first of October. And there's no sign of it getting warmer from here. Bring on the winter!! I'll be spending the first half of it in....


That's right - been transferred to the promised land. I've heard so much about it since being here but I didn't realize how beautiful it was. It's a super old city, and during soviet times was the capitol of Ukraine - so it's really well developed too. It almost just looks like the rest of Europe! I love it. Also in my new area is "Barb"!! The second largest street market in the world! (next to somewhere in China). When we first got here, we spent the next day there getting winter clothes for the 2 brand new elders in our district (woo greenie power!!) and dear Sister Beaudin! My new companion is from Texas and I don't think she really knows what a winter is. Luckily she got to come to Ukraine THIS year, which is rumored to be the coldest for over 50 years. (of COURSE that would be the one winter I spend here...) More on her - she's just a transfer younger than I am on the mission, and she has an AMAZING voice, and she's a tiny little thing (4'11) with a great big personality. And so far we re getting along just fine :)

Little victories: People keep telling me I look Russian! It's that time of year again where I get reeeeeally really pale, and they just love it! ha! Take that to everyone who has ever made fun of me for how pale I am.

But what's even better than looking Russian is sounding Russian. I love it, because Ukraine is known for having kind of a lazy accent, so if they hear you speaking clean Russian, even if you have an accent, sometimes they think you're from Russia. It's especially good being here, because people always try ripping you off at the market when they know you're an American. Next goal - learn to barter like a Ukrainian!

As far as the missionary work, we're kind of starting from scratch... There wasn't too much happening in this area when I got here, but that's going to change real fast. It's a good opportunity to step up to the plate and see what I'm made of. And I'm excited to see what happens. I love my companion, I love our district, and I love this area. (I'll try really really hard to love the winter, too.)

Stay warm!
Sister Willerth

P.S. Identity crisis! I am now known as Sister "uillerc". Hopefully that'll be a little easier for these people!

Before they turned the heat on in the city!

Matching Companion PJs