Monday, August 25, 2014

Olympus would be that way

I am now serving in the Olympus stake (Covering 7 wards this time) with Sister Bentley! She is an angel, and I am her first companion after her trainer!! So she's still got that greenie fire, and I love working with her. Also she's from Wisconsin!! My first Midwestern companion!! And it's about time! We even talk the same too :) Best ever.

Really though, I love working in this stake. They are on fire, and still have so much potential!! There was a lot of pressure coming in because the sister here before me served here almost 8 months and baptized a million people, and everyone keeps asking us where she's at, or telling us they don't want to meet if she's gone... ha. But somehow I will win their hearts! Reading 1 Corin 9:20-22 I am grateful that I am the chameleon, and I know that I'm probably here to become whomever it is that I need to become. I'm excited to see who that is.

This week I met a Russian woman and got to talk to her -  на русском!! It was awesome. ha ha who knew that I'd actually end up loving the language so much? I guess all it takes is to leave...

Also, did anyone know that people in Utah call everywhere outside of Utah the mission field? ha ha! I was so confused when people would say "I used to live in the mission field for a while..." I realized that it just means anywhere else in the world. "Because everyone in Utah is a Mormon." Well, that's not a good enough excuse for me, because it's FALSE. The world is the mission field. все.

Also, we've been planning in Miracles at random times every night for the next day. We'll just pick a random time and expect something to happen. As we expect and look for those miracles, it's amazing the things that you realize are such great blessings.

3 different people tried paying for our dinner the other night. We met the sweetest old man and now we're teaching him. The High Councilman over missionary work in our stake opened up my mission. A million tiny little things that mean so much. It's true what they say - expect miracles! But I also think just looking for the good and constantly seeking opportunities to be grateful can change everything.

I love you all. This weeks goal = win some hearts!! Pray for me!!

Love always
Sister Willerth