Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just So...

Well, I am both pleased and dissappointed to report that there is not much to report on here. Still starting from scratch and doing LOTS of finding. But it's good - we're starting to get real creative with our approaches (handing out candy to kids on the street - that's not creepy is it??; going door to door with a restoration video - hey wanna watch this with us?? and one time I even saw this old guy with really long, curly hair and said hey! we're like twins. No better way to start a conversation with a hippie :) )

I'm really loving the area though - it's SO beautiful and it's just a completely different experience. AND best news of the century - almost all of the sisters in my MTC district are serving here! I got to see them all yesterday and the day before when we watched conference. Speaking of - WHAT A CONFERENCE. I'm kind of biased as a missionary and all, but I hope everyone got to see at least both the Saturday sessions. And you should all just watch them again, просто так.

Well I love you all and you are always in my prayers and thoughts and everything else that a person can be considered "in". Wow, I'm getting really weird...

Love you!!
Sister Willerth

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