Monday, January 20, 2014

Janus Ian

Well for all those who were worried concerning the health situation, fret not. It's just an ulcer, and should be better within the week. Until then she is (literally) just being a pain and Sister Walker has affectionately named her Janice Ian. That's all I will say about that...

This week was so great though! Wally got baptized according to plan, and he's already preparing to get the priesthood next week! He's also taking a trip to Kiev in just a couple weeks, so he'll be able to go to the temple! He is so strong and we are SO excited for him!!

Also we have taken a plunge into the tundra!! It's finally gotten cold here and it hit all to fast! It went from 40 degrees to -4 (F) in 2 DAYS!!! aghhh I can hardly feel my fingers even typing this right now so there's that...

Also I got lots of Christmas cards from our ward this week :) that was pretty neat. We've got a belated Christmas collage going on the wall now :)

I'll keep this short but I love you all! Thank you for all the support and love, as always!

Sister Willerth

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