Monday, April 7, 2014

Of a pitchfork.

There's something about this place....

The feel of the Donbass is work, diligence, and obedience. I'm really grateful to be back. It's amazing how these things that sound scary and hard turn into huge blessings, and help you love the work even more.

On Monday Sister Rohrbaugh left for an exchange in Lugangsk, leaving Sister Finlinson and I together for a few days again! I feel like she's my second companion! We had some really good chats and she's got some great stories/advice. She's young on the mission, but one of the oldest sisters here (23 years) so there's a really interesting feel to serving with her... I love it!

Monday night we had a lesson with a less active woman who has 3 ADORABLE sons! Seriously, I haven't felt so loved by a child in a very long time. We played rock paper scissors and read from the children's bible together, and the littlest one gave us both the biggest hugs when we left. He has some sort of mental disorder, so he couldn't talk at all, but it was fine, because honestly neither could we :)

Tuesday we had a lesson with a less active. She had moved soon after baptism, and had just kind of gotten lost, which is why she had stopped going to church. When we found her, she has pretty much forgotten everything. Teaching her is so interesting, because it's like teaching someone who's never heard it before (she really hears it all as if for the first time) and then understands it and accepts it just like that! She reminds me of Tinkerbell, too. So that's a plus. After we went to her house, we went home over these really awesome train tracks in the middle of nowhere. I like being out of the city and more in the countryside again - it's so beautiful!
Above the tracks

Wednesday we went out to start out food storage! The church most be making it a policy now for even the missionaries, because they gave us a ton of money and told us to spend it ALL on storage. We went to this store kind of nearby that's basically Costco - it sells everything in bulk (which you NEVER find here) and then we went wild! We had to call a taxi to take us home and he thought we were stocking up for the apocalypse, given all that's been happening. It was so funny.
So Much Chocolate!

Thursday we had an awesome zone meeting. I am convinced that we have the best missionaries in the world serving here.

Friday we had a really fun game night, where I found out that once again, no one can say or remember my name. I'm thinking of cutting it in half - that's what lots of missionaries do. The only thing is that "вил" ("vil") translates into Russian literally as "of a pitchfork". Which, you know, could be kind of funny I guess... But I'm still trying to decide if it's just too weird ha ha. We'll see....

Sunday was a day of miracles!! (I love fast Sundays.....) A few weeks ago, we had invited a member to help us on a lesson (President is really emphasizing ALWAYS teaching with members) and the investigator never showed up... we felt really bad, but on the member's way home, she met someone who she had known on HER mission, who wanted to meet with the missionaries again! Pretty cool :) So we went over there together, tracked into the middle of nowhere, and met this tiny little Baba with no teeth and a million wrinkles. She was SO sweet, and the day was so beautiful (we sat outside, and I got sunburned! Spring is here!!)  Because she's old, its hard for her so understand, but as soon as we started talking about Christ she immediately said "That's right! I want to come worship there." That's what the spirit can do.

I love you all and hope you all enjoyed conference!! I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT THIS WEEK! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and don't forget to pray for your missionaries!! You are in my prayers always.

сестра вил

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