Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week Two

Our second email from Sister Willerth.  Don't know if we will keep posting all the letters but these just seem so right.
Hi Family!
Still lovin it here at the MTC. My district is just awesome and my companions and I have so much fun. We've decided that of the 3, Sister S. has the sense of direction, Sister R. has the good memory, and I'm the one with the good attitude! Actually none of those are really true. But between the three of us, we do find our way around and manage to remember things most of the time. Troika power! (That's what the 3-some companionships are called in Russian. I still haven't figured out yet how to change the keyboard to Russian, so that's it in English, spelled phonetically.) It's really awesome having the 3 of us. We always say that it takes all 3 of us to gather 40% of what our investigators say during lessons haha. (Obviously, the Russian is still slow coming). But I love our dynamic too - never a dull moment with these crazy sisters!!
Somehow, I've been named the crazy one of our district. I don't know how, but I'm the one that gets blamed for all our rowdiness. Just because I'm make strange/creepy faces and eat 5 bowls of ice cream a day, doesn't make me crazy!! Some people just can't get that through their heads. But I guess the family/childhood stories I tell don't really help. At least I'm "known for" something though. Thanks for giving me lots of comic material, fam :)

Good news! We got a Russian teacher. I feel kind of bad about my rant last week - turns out we were supposed to have a teacher all along, but because of all the numbers, they just aren't equipped to accommodate all the incoming Russian missionaries. Anyway, Sister Vaslevskaya is a native Russian speaker! Her English is really good, but it's still hard for her to speak it so she mostly speaks Russian and I'm confident that we'll learn so much from her. I'm so excited! Bring it on, Russian!
Honestly, it's been a super hard week. Two days ago or so, I was SO discouraged. Then in class we read Ether 12. Everyone knows the scripture mastery verse, but have you all read the chapter? It's a good one! Anyway, it's all about our weaknesses, and having humility but also hope. I thought I'd been humble, but really I had only been discouraged. I was so frustrated with myself that I couldn't see the hand of God in all the things I WAS learning. I wasn't being humble because I couldn't learn - I was being proud because I couldn't learn fast enough. Anyway, so I've learned lots about the necessity of hope as a companion to humility. And I've never prayed so hard in my life.
Also, did everyone watch conference? This has been my first year ever watching all the sessions! It's amazing how what once seemed like SO much church to me is now the best, easiest part of my week. This places has changed my perspective on so many things. Also there are tons of great devotionals that I've learned a lot from. But if you want to hear about those, you'll have to write me about them ;)

Well I think that's it. I didn't really have any questions to answer because no one has really asked me any... cough cough. Does everyone know about It's super easy - you just go on and type me a message, and they print it off and hand it to me. Totally free, and easy as pie. No excuses!
Okay I love you all! Thanks for your support, and please keep praying for me, my companions, and our district! We can use all we can get here!
Love Always,
Sister Willerth

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