Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sister Villerf here...

Hello everyone! Sister Villerf here, pleased to report on an extremely busy week!!
On Monday I tried my first sketchy Ukrainian food - Shaurmas! (Okay, it's actually Arabian or something, but they have them here and they're great!) People always say to be careful, that they'll make you sick, but I ate it and loved it and felt fine. One of the less known blessings of missionary work is a strong stomach. :)
On Tuesday we had a zone conference, and then went on another greenie split! Except this time, it was 3 greenies - all 2 weeks old. We had a blast showing her around Makevka and trying to talk to people again. On days like that I'm glad I can't understand everything. There was one man who we saw who wanted to talk a lot, and he was from some sort of church in Bellaruse. (I apologize for spelling probably everything wrong. But I can say it, and I can understand it, and that just has to be enough for me right now haha) Anyway, his son was a pastor there and he was talking to us probably about all the stuff wrong with our church,. He got kind of frustrated that we couldn't understand him, but I was never hurt or offended because I didn't know what he was saying. Boom, silver lining. It was really sweet too, because I decided to finally wrap things up and say "Well if you're happy and don't have any questions or concerns, then we are happy for you." He said, "I am 55 years old, and I am happy. I don't need this. But good job! Get out there and tell people, because there are lots of other people who do need it here." That much I did understand and was grateful for. People aren't mean. Even if they don't accept our message, or don't agree with us, as long as we don't invite contention by being offended or trying to change peoples mind by fighting them, then they will admire us for what we are doing, and be grateful for the people we are.
Something cool - We had a lesson with a member on our Greenie split who speaks great English, and guess how he learned? After the fall of the soviet Union, he just went to every movie that played, as often as he could. They played the original sound, and someone sat in front of the theater and translated. In time, he became fluent in English! I swear, the people here are so cool. 
Well, there's a million things to say and no time to say it, but I'm so grateful for my support system out there! I hope life is good. As for me, I'm having the most incredible experiences here every day and loving every minute of it. But honestly, you can't not love it. As long as you're trying your hardest, the spirit won't let you.
Thanks for everything you're doing on your side of the world! Keep up the good work! I love you all!
Sister Willerth

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