Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Once in a lifetime - New P Day and Greenies go it alone!

I wish that I could have a camera follow me around all week, and that I could just send home the videos. It would do this whole experience so much more justice than just my words.
This week, I was a real missionary. Sister Helsen Went up to Kharkiv and left Sister Reece and I on our own for 3 days. Ultimate greenie split!! It was a week of miracles to say the least.Our first night, we were so busy that we were literally running from appointment to appointment. We would get off a bus and sprint. Running and panting and laughing, we looked at each other and said "Well, this is how it should be, isn't it?" Literally chasing people down to share the message - that's the joy of the work.
Also how could I forget the 4th of July. Bless America! Sister Reece and I made sure to wear our red white and blue and sing America songs all day.  It was funny when we tried to explain to people that it was an American holiday and they asked what it was and we said "the 4th of July!" "Okay, but what's the holiday? ... The name of the holiday is just the name of the day?" Yup, that's what we do in America. Keep it simple. Like our lunch for example. To celebrate the 4th, we bought a huge watermelon each, came home, cut them in half, grabbed a spoon, and just went for it. Best lunch ever. :) Then Sister Helsten got back that night and we did smores. Granted the marshmallows are flavored and there are no graham crackers so we do them on cookies instead, but I never felt like we've been lacking for anything. Except of course peanut butter. Seriously people - enjoy your peanut butter!
Oh, we also got to experience a Ukrainian "Barbecue". Please, let me tell you about it. They have this "meat" called сала (which is really just fat) that they gave to us on a plate and served with Katsup. That's it. You can't not laugh when you realize such a situation. We were all cracking up and wondering what we should do. Then sister Reece said "Welp - once in a lifetime, baby." And we all dig in. That slogan quickly becoming the theme of everything we do.
We also got to meet our new Mission presidents this week! President Lochhead and his wife - they are the sweetest things on the planet! I'm lucky being really close to Donetsk and I've been able to see them a lot already and get to know them a bit. They've already done great things here, and I can't wait to see all the incredible things that come from their service. They are seriously so awesome! Just loving and kind and hard working and great examples. I love them so much already!
Transfers are tomorrow and we're getting new sisters, but I'll be staying here in Makevka to finish my training. I am so excited - I love my companionship and we've got a great thing going! After only six weeks we've seen unbelievable miracles. I can't wait to see what happens in our next 6 weeks together!
Well that's about all I have time for. I hope everything is going well at home! Enjoy your summer and air conditioning and screened windows. And I'll be enjoying the richest land in the world, and all the experiences that go along with it :)
Love you all!
Sister Willerth

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