Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week Before July 1....

Not much to say about this week. The weather is hot (100+ almost every day), and I am tired and happy and busy. Lots of stuff happened of course, but nothing too interesting. Therefore, I sent pictures. Worth a thousand words, right? ;) Thanks for the updates on home everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! Eat some hot dogs for me this 4th of July!

Much love,
Sister Willerth

I just realized I haven't sent any pictures yet! These are my lovely companions. Here we are, experiencing Shaurmas for the first time!

 This is our apartment! Not too shabby, eh? Totally mismatched, as promised ;) But I love it, and it's home :) 

After having already eaten probably fifteen meals that day, we went to a member's house and she fed us yet again. Luckily I have been raised to be able to eat whatever's in front of me, not matter how much there is or how much I like it. I'm aquiring a taste for everything though, and packing on the pounds (as you can see, I weigh about as much as my companions combined.)

This is us with scarves on our way to check out one of the orthdox temples! The second picture is of our district. They are awesome Transfers are coming up and I hope no one moves..  

This was us with some members at this huge conference we had.The second picture is of the night we learned to make Borsch! This lady is SO awesome

This is basically the feel of Makevka. Either you're in a little area with dirt roads and tons of private little houses (more like cottages) or in the more populated areas, this is what the apartment buldings look like, also mismatched, also with dirst roads, and always with some clothes hanging out the windows on clothes lines. 
. I love it :)

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