Thursday, August 22, 2013

And Then There Were Two

Hello home! Going to keep this short because I really want to try and get some pictures sent. The only really big news is that transfers are being extended because the next set of missionaries are having visa problems. We were so excited to be together for another 4 weeks, until BAM. President called and let us know that he's moving Sister Helsten to Center Donetsk THIS FRIDAY. So Sister Reece and I will be alone - always! This is not just a usual exchange, where she is away but we can call her every 5 minutes and have her set up appointments for us. NO. We are just going to have to take on Ukraine alone. The members heard this at church yesterday and began to mock a bit. Well, so persecuted they the prophets before us. As for me, I know that the last 2 transfers have prepared me for this incredible responsibility. It'll be humbling for sure, but I've been told and I have a feeling, that transfers like this are when you find something in yourself that makes your whole mission. Already this week, I've seen some of the blessings that come from totally losing yourself in the work. Plus I'm SO excited to be staying with Sister Reece. She is becoming one of my best friends - I can't imagine anyone else being my first single companion.

I'll keep you posted on all of the stories that I'm sure are bound to come. (Quick one - this week I accidentally asked someone if they had cancer instead of asking if they were a doctor.) Keep the prayers coming, and know that I'm sending them your way too. Also, fingers are crossed for baby news soon! WOO!
Much love,
Sister Willerth
P.S. I admit that there are some things I regret being lazy about being here now, but I have to say, writing home on a computer where half the letters have worn off makes me grateful for all the time I spent on the computer during high school and college, "memorizing the keyboard" ;) Had to throw that in, just the mental image of mom rolling her eyes at it was way too satisfying. Have a great week everyone!

We went on a tour of the huge "famous" soccer stadium in Donetsk and this is where the announcers sit. Pretty big deal.

We had a Ukrainian picnic with traditional Ukrainian food and songs (my personal favorite part. These people don't sing with much gusto in church, but you should hear them when they sing their classics!) and a member lent me this shirt. Cross stitching and patterns like this are very traditional here.

Igor is one of my very favorite people in the world. I think he is exactly who Wojtek will be in 30-40 years.

Skusha is a tiny little model who we met randomly in the park one day and after that she just started calling us up all the time to give us these random little things she paints. So sweet.

My very favorite picture of my companions (Just after we smashed coins on the train tracks.) How I love them and will miss them

Also - guess how old the coin is. Bet you can't - IT'S FROM 500 BC!!! Ancient Greece. 500 years before Christ walked the earth. coolest thing ever.

Coal mine/war museum in Donetsk

The A-team, in full (on our Friday morning Tamara excursion)

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