Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Quick updates!

Monday I got a package from home! WOOOOOO!! I'm making peanut butter cookies!! Brown sugar is like gold here, and while some other sisters were staying the night, I think they teared up a little when they saw our stash. I think I'm the richest girl in Ukraine. 

Sister Helsten had another meeting this week, leaving sister Reece and I alone to reap some havoc on Makeevka. We went on a wilderness adventure to check on our recent convert (she wasn't at church and we had reason to worry) we got lost, naturally, and sang pioneer songs (Sister Reece is a big Utah girl - she would not let pioneer day go uncelebrated) until we finally found her house. No one answered when we knocked, but knowing she had a back fence we went around and tried climbing over all this dead brush (which apparently was meant to act as some sort of fence. How was I to know??) when her neighbor's dogs went crazy. Next thing we know, we've got a Babushka yelling at us and chasing us out of the neighborhood. Probably should have come more prepared to explain ourselves, but as it was we just looked like sketchy robbers. Not one of our finer moments haha. #greenieprobs

We also had another meeting with Viktor. I think I said something about a coin from 1927? well, let me outdo myself - this week I touched a coin from the 1600s! What! It's like a small round rock with some sort of Arabic-looking characters on it. SO COOL. Also he had dimes and quarters from as far back as 1902! It was like being in national treasure.

This week we met the nicest lady in the world, named Allah. She loved our family picture and I mention her specifically because she wanted me to say: "Tell everyone that Allah from Makeevka in Ukraine says hi and you are all beautiful! Hello my puppets!!" The ladies here love to call us "Puppet". I guess it's pretty endearing haha.

We did an exchange this week with one of the newer sisters that came in a transfer after us, and it was really cool to a) see progress that I had made since I've been in country and b) feel like a trainer! I've got a feeling like I'll be training soon. It's scary being this young into the mission and thinking of that responsibility, but I think I would love it. Teaching people outside is great, but I think it's almost more fulfilling the work we do within our own companionships. At least, that's where I've learned the most these last  couple months.

Months!! Just passed the 4 month mark on the mission! Who else can't believe it? I can't!

Also the weather has been amazing this week! Nice and cool, around 20 degrees C all week long. I'm worried for when things get hot again but for now it feels like fall and we are loving it!

Also shout out to Kiki who is ENGAGED!! WHAAAA. Bummed that I'm missing it but so happy for her!

Okay I'm russian (rushin hehe. Picking up Sister Reece's humor) as always to finish this but know that I'm thinking of you and that I love you all! Take care and keep up the good work!


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