Monday, September 23, 2013

Beggar's Pizza (Sept. 9)

We had a baptism!! Decided to take the occasion to send home some pictures. Unfortunately that means it'll have to be a quick update.
This week was MUCH better. We've been able to work with more members and we're kind of starting over in this area, but there's lots of potential here. Stay tuned!
Also it's been cold and rainy every day. I love the summer and the sun and everything, but sometimes you just need a change. Sister Reece and I are totally taking advantage of fall, making soup and tea every day and wearing scarves and sweaters and doing yoga inside in the mornings. It might be vain to get excited about new wardrobe options or dumb to be so happy about tea and yoga but it's those little things that remind you that you're still a real person.

ALSO, landmark: today marks a full week - and officially the longest period of time - I've lived without a refrigerator. Stopped working last Sunday night, and landlady says that the new one won't come until next Sunday. We've been getting really creative with meals here. Once we fried onions and cabbage and put soy sauce and sugar in it, and called it stir fry. Another time, we ate these pre-made pizza crusts with butter and garlic on top for sauce, and then onions and tomatoes. We're starting to keep a record of these, what we call our "beggar meals." It's opening a whole new level of creativity I never even knew I possessed.
I love you all and hope school and everything is going great! Jump in some puddles for me! And don't forget to notice the little things :)
Sister Willerth

A Members Cute Chinchillas

Garden "Neverland"

Cinnamon rolls and Companionship Dresses

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