Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb. 17 Wild Week

What a wild week!! The weather is still great, the sun is coming up earlier and earlier, and Sister Walker and I have a giant sign on our foreheads that says: HELLO! PLEASE CREEP ON US! Recipe for a great week :)

On monday night Wale took a train all the way to Kiev to get KFC for all the missionaries. KIEV. He got on a train for 8 hours, picked up KFC, and then headed 8 hours back. So we all got FRIED CHICKEN. Essence of America - it was the craziest thing! So needless to say, Wale is the best. Yup. Unforunately though, he's been going through lots of struggles right now. I'm not exactly sure what they are, but he's been SUPER depressed and not himself lately. But the cool thing is that even though he doesn't feel like going to church, reading, praying, or doing anything that he should be - he still does. Which is the difference between him and other recet converts, because EVERYONE goes through these things - but he's staying strong. So, he's going to be just fine :)

Davis is doing pretty well too, as far as we can tell. But he just speaks pigeon at least 90% of the time so we kind of have to assume with him. (He's harder to understand than Russian speakers, and he's supposedy speaking my language. Soooo that's a change...) But he came to church this week and he's been reading so I guess we'll just let the spirit do his work from there...

Bogdan is a STUD. Unfortunately he had kind of just been wanting to hang out, so we had to explain that we could only meet if he wanted to learn about church. He said he admired how responsible we were though, and decided to come to church on Sunday! Best part - he loved it! And told the members he wanted to come back. So I don't think that's the last you will be hearing from him.

Also, this week we met an American!! THAT was random. We had been with Wale so we were speaking English, and he heard us. As soon as Wale left, he came up to us and started talking to us. He's studying here, and said that he's be interested in learning more about the message. So we met with him later that night and he was asking us all the weirdest, wildest (and most inappropriate) questions! Then he started texting us and calling us asking to hang out. SO we met again, brought the Elders, brought Wale ("You need to stick up for yourselves! Tell him - Guy! Don't be texting me! We'll be doing the askings and what times and da rest... I'll kill him. Seriously. Other than that hes a nice guy though" haha Akinwale - guardian of virtue!) and had a pretty good lesson, and passed him. It really seems like he wanted to change his life though, so I'm excited to see what happens there.

OH! Then valentines day - we had the BEST day! Sister Walker and I bought ourselves flowers, and then the elders bought us flowers (and chocolate, making missionaries the best valentines I've ever had. haha... sad....). We went to English, I only got touched once (creeps be creepin) and then Sister Walker and I returned home, got really dressed up, lit a bunch of candles, and had a really romantic dinner on our livingroom floor. Then we spent the rest of the night making up missionary valetine jokes (Will you be my date on Noah's arc? I'd partake of the forbidden fruit with you, valentine!) haha - best Valentines day yet.

Sisters conference is coming up again this week, and I'm WAY excited. We are all participating in one form or another, so I'll be teaching a yoga class to all the sisters. haha! Wish me luck on that. Also, they wanted us to showcase one of our talents, and then they assigned us talents. They decided that mine was telling stories - so now I have to tell everyone a fairytale in less than a minute. Apparently Im a storyteller now. That'll be cool I guess

I think that's everything for this week. I love you all and thank you so much for all your love and support as always :) Have an amazing week!

Love love love love
Sister Willerth

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