Friday, February 28, 2014

Here Comes the Sun - Feb. 24

This week, we felt the sun for the first time in months. Not just saw it - felt it. Like, actual warmth. So that's probably the most breaking news of the week :) Obviously, it's been a good one.

Sisters conference was SO fun. Our group makes up 10 of the 29 total sisters in our entire mission - so it was fun getting to see them (the big 10) and catching up. It was so weird being together again. We're in seniority of the sisters here now, and it really buts into perspective how long we've been here and how much has happened. It feels like we are all so much older! Also, not sure if I mentioned this last week, but I taught a yoga workshop with Sister Shreck! It was fun working with her, but that meant an HOUR of yoga for us, which is more than I've done in a while... So I was quite sore this week. Other than that though, conference was a blast and really motivation and inspiring, and just fun altogether :)

I also got to go on an exchange this week with our brand new green sister, Sister Hoy! It was cool to be with a greenie again and remember what it was like not too long ago while I was being trained. Then we had an activity to celebrate valentines day and men's day, and our District performed That's what makes you Beautiful by One Direction. Sooo basicaly, best week :)

To answer questions about the political situation - it's all been pretty far from us. After things got way crazy in Kiev, I guess the President flew here to Kharkiv. So there were some riots, but we hardly saw any activity (just one mob, one time outside our window after we were already inside. Relatively unexciting.)So that's really all there is to say/know. But pray for the people here. They definitely needed a revolution, it's just sad the things that happen as a result...

Well I think that's all for now. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!

Sister Willerth

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